Morken specializes in the provision, installation, servicing and periodic monitoring of products for corrosion monitoring and chemical injection.

Morken understands the critical nature of the downtime and repair costs associated with corrosion damage.

And so we offer a complete line of corrosion monitoring products in a variety of materials and dimensions.

This allows early warning of potential damage occurring in production structures to maintain existing corrosive conditions and to study the correlation of changes in process parameters and their effects on system corrosion.

The methods of measuring corrosion vary between long term corrosion, using the method of weight loss with sacrifice element, the necessary material; or short term corrosion or instant corrosion, using electrical resistance or linear polarization.

It is also possible to diagnose a particular corrosion problem, identify its causes and corrosion control parameters, such as pressure, temperature, pH, flow, etc.

In this way, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a corrosion prevention / control technique that has been applied to the system and have information related to the maintenance requirements and plant conditions.

Our injectors allow to optimize the effect sought in the chemical treatment.

Our systems are designed for 150 psi, 1500 psi, 3600 psi at 6000 psi.