Repair easily in cold and without welding, bringing the ducts to their maximum original operating pressure.

It is a system designed to reinforce and restore the original pressure capacity of the pipes degraded by corrosion (external or internal) or mechanical damage (dents, scratches or thickness losses) guaranteeing the original operating conditions.

It is a unique development based on a high strength composite material. Its configuration in the form of coil allows it to adhere strongly around the tube of any diameter. Applied with a patented adhesive of incredible strength and fast curing, the system forms a composite coil which exceeds the strength of the original pipe.

The coil is used to repair defects with up to 80% loss of material (thickness) or mechanical damage, allowing the pipe to return to service with 100% of the maximum operating pressure allowed.

The system operates by transferring the stress from the defect to the coil by means of a component highly resistant to compression. It is a unique compound in which all the glass fibers are aligned unidirectionally in such a way that they achieve a highly resistant repair. The resin in the compound helps to protect the glass fiber and forms a memory that helps the installation. It can be placed in pipes from 4 “to 56”.

Repairs can be completed while the line is operating, eliminating the high costs of removing the line of operation.